Friday, February 6, 2009

Nuttier than squirrel turds


Chris said...

Try putting the beer down first;)

Seriously, get your ass to the doctor. It could be something simple as an inner ear issue.

Damn, get older sucks butt nuts doesn't it.

Remo said...

Go see an ENT guy and then have a CT scan to make sure you don't have other issues inside your nugget.

I'd try another layer of tin foil.

Ann said...

Then you definitely don't want to get on the Tea Cups at Disney. Chris is right, it might be something simple ... Like consuming a 12 pack but you should get it checked out just to be safe. :/

Brandi said...

Just be safe and get it checked out. BUT I'm sure you are just a little wacky from age. ;) - I only say this cause I get wackier each day. By the time I hit 30 the world should be scared! bwahaha


Terri said...

I can't ride roller coasters anymore either...I use to love them

Do you feel dizzy often?

I was having spells like that come to find out I had high blood pressure...I agree with the others don't hurt to get checked out...