Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ok, maybe they're not

Since I discovered this little thing called Facebook, the blog pretty much took a backseat. I'm a sucky blogger, I know. However, I have been keeping up with yours (yes, and yours too). I'll post something vaguely meaningful in the near future. Until then, Happy Halloween!

"...want some candeeeee?..."


Brandi said...

Sucky blogger doesn't even cut it for what you are! LOL


Happy Halloweennn!! : )

Chris said...

Dude, what the hell has happened to your hair???? ;)

So are you staying home to give out candy or are you the one going to do the trick or treating. Trev's on his own tonight with his buddy Jack. I'd better go check to make sure he didn't steal all of our eggs and toilet paper.

Sharlene said...

That's looks working for you! You might want to consider keeping it year round. :)

Scott said...


Scott said...

I see you have updated your profile picture with one from your "Young Taliban" days.

Paul LaVarta said...

I remember that mask - Halloween 2000????